SL11B on Thursday, June 26

Here are the events for Thursday, June 26, at SL11B! Click the stage name in the header to get the SLurl to your event.

Live Stage Cake Stage DJ Stage Auditorium
12:00 AM
Imdy Paine
2:00 AM
Cindy Evanier
4:00 AM
Mij Marksman
6:00 AM
7:00 AM
Youna Qinan
8:00 AM
Anolie Resident
10:00 AM
ray02 little
Torikat Sparrowtree
12:00 PM
Amber Athens (dance)
Morgana Hilra
Romeo and Juliet Ballet (Szerewp Loon)
1:00 PM
michi renoir
Jeffah24 Resident
2:00 PM
Kev Tyson
Diaphoni Galicia
Designer Talks
3:00 PM
Ashton Andretti
ChelseaMarie Noel
How to DJ in SL(Lias Leandros)
4:00 PM
Art Talk: LittleOne Aeries/Puerto Rico
5:00 PM
Community Talks
6:00 PM
Maurice Mistwallow
Jackie Lefko
Allison Widdershins
modern Chinese ballet (Hamayu Andel)
7:00 PM
Yamis Jewell
wendy curtiss
8:00 PM
LongHard Rhode
Evangaline Resident
9:00 PM
OneSummer Oh
10:00 PM