All Performances Have Been Scheduled

Emails have been sent out to all performers who were successfully scheduled based on their availability.  If you believe you have been scheduled but didn’t get an email, make sure you are checking the same account as the email you provided in your application. Also make sure the email didn’t go to a spam folder. The email would have come from “The Performance Team.”

Everyone who has not received notification could not be fit into the schedule. Everyone who was accepted will be invited to the
SLB Exhibit and Performance group starting Monday June 16.
If you were not notified please stay in the SLB Community group where announcements  to fill-in for no-shows or other last-minute openings will be posted.

Daily schedules and a master schedule will be posted to this website soon. Join “The SLB Community” group for the most up-to-date information. (Search for “The SLB Community” or link here.)