Applications Are Closed

Wed 14th Teasers_012

Applications for all Exhibitors, Performers, Speakers and Volunteers have now closed, and it looks like you guy REALLY love birthdays!  We had 426 exhibitor applications, 440 Performer applications and over 300 volunteers! Now begins the task of sorting through all your applications and figuring out how to fit you all into 243 plots and 3 stages.. Our first priority is exhibitors, as the sims open for you lot on the 30th of May – not as far away as you’d think! Acceptances for you will start coming in the next few days and will continue over the next week. Please be patient as we have a lot to work through! We’ll post the dates that performers can expect to hear from us in a while, but that will be closer to our opening date of June 22 – we won’t forget you, promise!
Once you get your acceptance, please be patient some more! We know you’re dying to get going on site but please read and follow the procedure in your acceptance email and don’t IM the group before May 30 asking to be let in. It won’t happen. I still have half the roads to lay down! Not to mention the toilet facilities! And the caterers. Don’t get me started on the caterers…
One final thing about water plots. These are EXTREMELY limited this year and so will be going to exhibitors that really need them. If all you need is shallow water or part water, we can do that on a land plot. We apologise if you asked for a water plot but didn’t get it.
Ok, lets get this party on the road…..