Auditorium Talks Announced


This year, Ebbe Altburg, aka Ebbe Linden, the CEO of Linden Lab will be interviewed in the beautiful Dreamatorium (SL12B  on Friday 26th June at 1pm.

This will be the last series in a series of “Meet the Lindens” talks scheduled for the Dreamatorium. All talks will be at 1pm SLR. The full timetable is:

Meet the Lindens:

  • Monday 22nd June – Oz Linden, Engineering Director, Second Life
  • Tuesday 23rd June – Patch Linden, Senior Manager, Product Operations, and  Dee Linden, Land Product Specialist
  • Wednesday 24th June – Xiola Linden, Lead Community Manager, and Pete Linden, Senior Director, Global Communications at Linden Lab
  • Thursday  25th June – Danger Linden, Sr. Director, Product, Virtual Worlds and Troy Linden, Senior Producer
  • Friday 26th June – Ebbe Linden, CEO Linden Lab

The Meet the Linden talks are just one of a series of talks at the Second Life 12th Birthday Celebrations.


The tracks are:

Meet the Nonprofit – daily at 9am SLT

A chance to learn about some of the great work being done by nonprofit organisations on the Second Life Grid. Organised by Rhiannon Chatnoir of Nonprofit Commons


Meet the Lindens – weekdays at 1pm
Your chance to explore some of the people who keep the Second Life grid working, develop new tools and offer support in various ways. See above for the full list.


Meet the Designer – daily at 3pm

A chance to hear designers in a wide range of fields talking with Saffia Widdershins about their work, their inspirations and their dreams.

Meet the Artist – daily at 4pm

Second Life art is one of the most fascinating phenomena on the grid. This is a chance to discover artists working in a wide variety of artistic fields, in conversation with Taralyn Gravois.

Meet the Community – daily at 5pm

Communities are the bedrock of Second Life, the groups of friends and people who share common interests that keep returning to the grid again and again. How are they forged? How are they sustained? And can they be transposed to a new grid? Saffia Widdershins finds out!

We’ll be announcing a full list of all our interviewees soon.

For more details, contact Saffia Widdershins inworld or at