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The SL Big Hunt is STILL ON!


The hunt will take place all over the eleven regions of the SL11B Community Celebration until the sims close on July 5. This hunt is so BIG that there will be FOUR hunt paths… North, South, East, and West. And what a great way to see the celebration! Participating exhibitors will be showing the SL11BIG Hunt sign and will have a cool gift for you to pick up. When you visit the celebration, look for the hunt signs. Then look around the participating exhibit for a gift box, with a cool FREE prize inside. Collect them all! See the sights! Bloat your inventory! Keep your eye on the website under the tab “Hunt” for more information. Questions? Contact Hunt Coordinator Rosamoo Mendelsohn

SL11BIG Hunt Trails Map v1.2

Starts: Northern Trail:

Southern Trail:

Eastern Trail:

Western Trail:

We’re Still Open!

That’s right.

The sims are still open. The SL Big Hunt is still on.

Performances have ended but you can still fit in time to view the exhibits and stages. Enjoy another week of fun on the SL11B sims.

Check out the Exhibitors page to get SLurls or jump on a pod to see where it takes you. Take up the Hunt, find photo opportunities, learn about the rest of your community.

We’re still open!

SL11B Fascinate: The Mind Within

Fascinate Dragonslord Resident_Collage


Dragonslord’s tribute to the empires of the mind is literally the human brain, as he shows in The Mind Within. Venture into Dragonslord’s vision, a mechanical otherworld with funky robots and beautiful images.


SL11B on Sunday, June 29

It’s the last day for performances at SL11B. Make sure you get here to see these great shows!

Live Stage Cake Stage DJ Stage Auditorium
12:00 AM
2:00 AM
Willy Mullery
4:00 AM
6:00 AM
ambrosous core
7:00 AM
Holocluck Henly
8:00 AM
johannes1977 Resident
10:00 AM
Seren McGillivary
Mimi Carpenter
egor copperfield
11:00 AM
 Brene Wilson
leia cale
The ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life and Love (yman Juran)
1:00 PM
DRUM (ladyslipper Constantine)
2:00 PM
Zelator Baphomet
Dimitri Mint (dance)
Qwark Allen
Designer Talks: Mesh Creative
3:00 PM
Benski Korhonen
Diana Pearl (dance)
Virtual Attitude Wrestling (Vince Aftermath)
4:00 PM
NomadMolly Nostram
Lauren Weyland
Diamonique Viper
Art Talk: Quan Lavender discusses how she has seen art in the virtual world change through the years and about her lovely art hat exhibits
5:00 PM
Norm Reynolds Genesis
Aisya Destiny (dance)
Community Talks
6:00 PM
Phideaux Mayo
Gleanr Ellsmere
La Oro’s Unleashed Ladies & Gents (Dragon McMasters)
7:00 PM
thepinkvampire solo
8:00 PM
IronGut McCallister
10:00 PM
Laz Dresler