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Thank you SLB Community, From Doc

Many thanks to all our resident attendees from the SLB Community. Special thanks to all the residents who contributed, exhibited and volunteered. All of our infrastructure builders who built amazing venues with us this year.
Everyone from our Performance venues.
All The Lindens and Moles from the Linden Dept of Public Works for help with special builds and maintaining the regions.

We enjoyed bringing the 15th SLB celebration to you.

If you had a good time at this year’s event and want to volunteer with us, keep an eye on this blog and stay in the SLB Community group for notification of next year’s “biggest party on the grid”

It is always my pleasure to work with all of you.

Cya Next time….


Feline Frisky

The KittyCatS have been part of the celebration for many years and this time they are kicking it up for the Crystal Celebration by having some good times. Catch a cat nap with the cool cat on the floatie or pour a glass of champagne with the naughty kittens but make sure you have a good time with the KittyCatS! (And make sure you grab your SL15B KittyCat!)

Sign up for the Auditorium!

I bet you wonder what the Auditorium is about. It’s the venue in which we feature live events that are not music. So if you have a play, dancing, a talk, an educational presentation, a poetry reading, an interview.. this is where you can do it.

We are still looking for folks to fill that schedule. C’mon click. You know you have something to share:

Auditorium Application for SL15B

Exhibitors, start your engines…

Attention all Exhibitors, the time has come for you to cover the SL Birthday sims with crystals and celebration and happiness.

By now you should have received notification that you have a parcel. Make sure you join the SL Community Celebration group to grab a coordinator, get your invite to the group, and get shown to your parcel with your own piece of cake.

Leave notices on in the builder’s group. All news relevant to you will come through those channels.

Let’s start the party!

We’re Live! Apply now!

As Second Life begins to celebrate its 15th birthday, our “crystal” theme aims to inspire residents to reflect both on the past and see into the future. The community is encouraged to use the crystal aesthetic and concept to creatively express their favorite SL features of the past while also looking forward into the future. The “crystal” theme allows for exploration of the tapestry of time that weaves together the past, present and future of Second Life.

Grab inspiration from our Inspiration Board.

Applications are open now for Exhibitors, DJs, Live performers, Auditorium and Volunteers! Sign up to participate and celebrate the best birthday ever for our 15th!