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​Thank you SL14B Community!

Our Staff would like to thank everyone who attended, contributed, exhibited and volunteered. All of our DJs and Performers. It took a multitude of volunteers to bring this year’s birthday celebration together. We had a great time.

If you enjoyed this year’s event and want to be a part next year, keep an eye on this blog and stay in the SLB Community Group for notification of next year’s “giant birthday party on the grid.”

It is always my pleasure to work with all of you.

Cya Next time….


The Final Countdown

Where will you be on July 2 at 4 pm SLT. We hope you’ll be at the Cake Stage to enjoy the annual cake blow up. At that time, Mikati Slade sets all the prims to phantom and “blows up” the cake.

Join us for the big event!

SL14B Fascinate Cake Stage
SL14B Captivate Cake Stage
SL14b Stunning Cake Stage
SL14B Pizzazz Cake Stage

Hippie Carnivalesque–Art Parcel of the Day

Get a little (or maybe a lot) psychedelic at Iskye Silverweb’s Hippie Carnivalesque. Dance on rotating flowers, meditate under a jubjub tree and enjoy the party.

Enjoy the tunes and the flowers on the Fascinate sim.

We’re LIVE

We’re OPEN!

Looking for information here on the site?

SLurls for all the major places can be found on the Get Me to SL14B page.

Schedules for all performances can be found in the drop down under Schedule for SL14B. Click Schedule for the Master Schedule or drop down to each stage.

The master list of exhibitors can be found under Exhibitors for SL14B. Individual sim slurls can be found in the drop downs.

And finally, if you are a hunter, we have a hunt again this year! Find all the info, including participating parcels, under the SL14Big Hunt page!

We’ll see you at the Celebration. Let’s enjoy the Carnivale!

Not Long Now…

In just a few hours, we open the sims to the Carnivale!

We open at NOON SLT. (Check your time zone for the right time.) Come join us for dancing, celebration, partying, viewing, and general celebration.

We’ll see you there!

Here are a few teaser photos…..

Stage Left. A gorgeous sim sized monster. Amazing! Built by Faust Steamer.
Entrance to the Welcome Area. Built by Darkstone Aeon
More of the Welcome Area. A sim-wide dragon! Built by Darkstone Aeon
Live Stage, surrounded by a 3D cityscape. Built by Chic Aeon
The Auditorium is a tribute to Radio City Music Hall. Built by ADudeNamedAnthony
The DJ Stage is a riotous top hat for Carnivale, built by Cynimon Catnip.
The Cake Stage will burn brightly across 4 sims, once again built by Mikati Slade.
All sorts of thrills and fun can be found in the Community Park, built by Lim Pikajuna.
SL14B’s own amusement park, courtesy of Lim Pikajuna.

Photos by SL14B photographers, Inara Pey and Harper Beresford.

Enter the SLBig Hunt!

Are you part of the SL14B Community Celebration? If the answer is yes, then we want you to join in the SL14BIG HUNT!

Getting involved is simple, just fill out an application:

Hunt kits, will be sent out to all participants beginning June 2nd and will contain everything you need for the hunt. All that is required of you is to get creative and make a gift that reflects the spirit of the SL14B.

Deadline for applications is June 11th.