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Future World

Jadeka Wirefly presents a slice of her SL life at Working Together For the Future.  A RP community based at Pandora HomeTree, based on James Cameron’s Avatar, their futuristic world envisions  that “through cooperation and respect humans help preserve and protect the natural balance of a distant moon for the future. ”

Love and Dance

The performances are over but the exhibits are still up. We will be featuring a few throughout the rest of this week to keep you coming.

Mistero Hifeng visits the SLB celebration again this year with an exhibit of his digital art celebrating love and dance and yearning in SL. See his miraculous vision at Cammino & Vivo Capovolto

The Natural Order

Every year Uan Ceriaptrix brings a vision of the natural world with his own unique vision. In Anthers & Pistils, Uan forms a dream of his garden after cultivating, dropping the naturally formed shapes in with his own human touch.

Visit Anthers & Pistils and become part of the natural order in a virtual world.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

BB Woodford planted a garden in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the celebration. Take a moment to breathe in the air, enjoy the blooms and remember all the lovely gardens and outdoor spaces you visit in SL when you can’t find them in RL.

BB Woodford presents SL’s Exquisite Blooms for your pleasure.

Paradise of Roses

Ciottolina Xue uses sculptures and roses to represent her SL life over the past 10 years as a narrative for her experiences. She celebrates the people who have become her family and friends in SL with the child representing herself or anyone in SL who has the same experience.

Visit Ciottolina in her Little Paradise in Second Life and stop to smell the roses.

Passing Time

Make sure you visit the Linden Lab-curated region-wide exhibit to remember the years of SL for our Crystal Anniversary. See the “interesting” avatars from the past made from prims, read about the many “firsts” in world (including first HUDs and AOs), and watch videos about the history of SL including old movies of past times.

Be astonished by the history of SL at the Linden-created Tapestry of Time.

X Marks the Spot

Indeed it does for the XeoRealms, a place of fun and fantasy created by Xelm Snowpaw. “Explore, complete quests, craft, loot, solve puzzles and step foot into monthly dungeons.” Open to all, fun to be.

Join the celebration with ** The XeoRealms ** 15 Years of Second Life For Everyone.

The Cornfield

In the past, the Cornfield is where Lindens sent naughty residents. You would be caught among the cornstalks, unable to leave until a Linden released you (or so lore said).

Now the Cornfield is a legend, and in this case, a setting for catching your own SL15B Glytch from Linden Lab by playing .  Enter the region to play Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches.  If you do well, an epic SL15B Glytch wins you either a limited edition Birthday Cake follower pet or a Birthday Cake avatar!

Enter the Cornfield and get your own Glytch!