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The Hopes for Your SL Future

The folks from the Vesuvius Group asked SL residents to express their hopes for the future of SL. This is what they got:

  1. Endless regions
  2. Bears
  3. Future Tech and Game Prototyping in Second LIfe
  4. I hope for second life to stay open no matter what, it’s a world where i feel safe and wanted. Being autistic in rl is difficult, coming to SL helps. Pleas stay sl, Pleas stay for ever…..
  5. More zombie sims
  6. Hope to find love and adopt
  7. A lag-free experience without sacrificing quality mesh environments
  8. I hope I get to see SL30B! Second Life is amazing and keeps getting better 🙂
  9. Helpers, and moderators at the Social Islands.  Age verify.
  10. Stay here forever
  11. less pricey sims so more ppl can build
  12. Less Cyber Bullying
  13. Very public official hang out areas. Meeting people is too difficult…
  14. For SL to have a functioning customer support model
  15. More Friends :3
  16. I hope that we continue to meet people from everywhere, far and wide, and thse friendships we make endure through the coming years.
  17. SL as a centerpiece for social, work, learning, skill development, and play.
  18. Cheaper access to land for building, more chances to learn how to do it
  19. More freedom for the average player to build homes
  20. I hope that Second Life continues to grow as a way for people to express themselves and interact with people around the world.
  21. Ability for residents to shape their own mesh heads more freely to their own likings.
  22. new freinds
  23. No More Lag ;p
  24. To learn how to build so I can contribute something 🙂
  25. that owning a region  is attainable for more folks by lower costs
  26. hoping the prims get  greater and the lindens get cheaper 🙂
  27. Great events for people to interact and be able to bring out their innate creativity and self expression. A second life family 🙂
  28. I hope that second life continues to grow!
  29. i like meeting new people.Also like the new events as well.
  30. I hope I get a house so I can invite friends over and I can have a family.
  31. To continue to see it grow and expand for another 15 years!
  32. That people leave the pettiness of RL and politics behind them when they enter SL.
  33. Kindness.
  34. More underwater
  35. Continued development… another 15 years of change and access to this wonderful world
  36. 3D Parcel lines, so we can make parcels in the sky and stack them.
  37. I’d like to see a greater sense of community in SL
  38. Keep taking into consideration residents who are older in RL. Many have found an oasis in SL.
  39. Clothes that doesnt only fit Maitreya and like 2 other bodytypes. Heheh
  40. I hope seconde life continues to exist, and doesn’t go dark or become a ghost town of forgotten dreams and broken hopes.
  41. Smooth seamless sim crossings
  42. Progress and joyful
  43. Loads of more events!
  44. a work place to LL
  45. I would wish for Future, that LL is making the existing SL more attactive , not only planning for a new Sansar, which isn´t really accepted by the users and also connecting the existing continents for making a better community for the users.
  46. The Hope it continues for years to come and provide that sanity away from RL and peace for those of us who need an escape.
  47. oi quero linden
  48. I hope to learn more. I just came from an exibit from Mexico regardig the NAICA cave of crystals….never knew it existed! 🙂
  49. I appriciate SL and would like to learn more about scripting also.
  50. I hope to see more hope shine in SL
  51. SL glasses = wear and see all the SL AV’s in RL while you have regular sunglasses as well.
  52. Yea!
  53. Less Lag
  54. For lucrative business opportunities and connections with people around the world!
  55. more happiness in everybody and amazing art by the never ending creativity of artists
  56. That it has a future where i can meet lots a good people and have a fun time
  57. That SL homes will be mesh-
  58. whoua superbe
  59. For Second Life to grow with new people and new ideas. To spread love and kindness in this world to those who seek it.
  60. My hope is that my friendships, my love for her and memories of this virtual world will live forever
  61. Last names back where you can pick which one you want
  62. The Sl will continue being the bright light that it is and that the Lindens let OUR SL be OUR Sand not thiers! Classic Avatars have a place IN SL as well as mesh Avatars!!
  63. More kindness, gengtleness, friendliness, patience, beauty, learning, caring, sharing, helping in everything and everyone , in every word exchanged and action taken in fun or business.
  64. I wish that SL will continue to be a diverse place of dreams and imagination far into the future.
  65. SL be all it can be and SL homes become 1024 hehe,  love the creativity and imaginations
  66. Make land more accessible to all.. not just the rich.. Tighter security on hackers and creeps..
  67. NO child avatars! SL is not a childs world…
  68. Affordable sims so everyone can create, in a safe hack free enviornment
  69. Mother F’N Halsteads!
  70. less lag, faster and easier TP, full mobility in portable units and new dimensions (areas) tp in between worlds (grids)  like SL to 3rd Rock or Inworldsz.. and a lot more happy people (smiles). 🙂
  71. SL must have a better graphic engine and better server perfomance. Yours Svenie from Germany.
  72. More protected and sailable waters as well as unobtructed waterways that pass through the continents to be enjoyed by all residents,
  73. Less lag.
  74. Respect for classic avatars.
  75. Fewer narcissistic/drama-filled resident profiles.
  76. facilities for payment like enterprises of money order (Like “Efecty” in Colombia), reloads via cellphone etc. Lot of people would pay upgrade their account thanks to this.
  77. SL has been a wonderful place for self expression. I would love to see more of all of the marvelous builds and ideas of residents and hope to join in and share some of my creations someday!

Future World

Jadeka Wirefly presents a slice of her SL life at Working Together For the Future.  A RP community based at Pandora HomeTree, based on James Cameron’s Avatar, their futuristic world envisions  that “through cooperation and respect humans help preserve and protect the natural balance of a distant moon for the future. ”

Love and Dance

The performances are over but the exhibits are still up. We will be featuring a few throughout the rest of this week to keep you coming.

Mistero Hifeng visits the SLB celebration again this year with an exhibit of his digital art celebrating love and dance and yearning in SL. See his miraculous vision at Cammino & Vivo Capovolto

The Natural Order

Every year Uan Ceriaptrix brings a vision of the natural world with his own unique vision. In Anthers & Pistils, Uan forms a dream of his garden after cultivating, dropping the naturally formed shapes in with his own human touch.

Visit Anthers & Pistils and become part of the natural order in a virtual world.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

BB Woodford planted a garden in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the celebration. Take a moment to breathe in the air, enjoy the blooms and remember all the lovely gardens and outdoor spaces you visit in SL when you can’t find them in RL.

BB Woodford presents SL’s Exquisite Blooms for your pleasure.

Paradise of Roses

Ciottolina Xue uses sculptures and roses to represent her SL life over the past 10 years as a narrative for her experiences. She celebrates the people who have become her family and friends in SL with the child representing herself or anyone in SL who has the same experience.

Visit Ciottolina in her Little Paradise in Second Life and stop to smell the roses.

Passing Time

Make sure you visit the Linden Lab-curated region-wide exhibit to remember the years of SL for our Crystal Anniversary. See the “interesting” avatars from the past made from prims, read about the many “firsts” in world (including first HUDs and AOs), and watch videos about the history of SL including old movies of past times.

Be astonished by the history of SL at the Linden-created Tapestry of Time.

X Marks the Spot

Indeed it does for the XeoRealms, a place of fun and fantasy created by Xelm Snowpaw. “Explore, complete quests, craft, loot, solve puzzles and step foot into monthly dungeons.” Open to all, fun to be.

Join the celebration with ** The XeoRealms ** 15 Years of Second Life For Everyone.