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In Memory of Ladyslipper Constantine–Art Parcels of the Day

Since 2008, Ladyslipper Constantine volunteered her time, talent and energy to the Second Life Birthday Community Celebration. She passed away shortly after SL13B. The SLBCC Team curated this garden as a tribute to the good times we shared with her, built by Darkstone Aeon.

Leave a message for Ladyslipper on the Enchant sim.

In honor of all of Ladyslipper’s volunteer work in SL, Daark Gothly and Dream wrexan present another garden.

Enjoy the peace of nature on the Astound sim.

Mary’s Lipstick–Art Parcel of the Day

Mary’s Lipstick gets on everything and everyone. The mind is an abstract doorway into quirky illustration and bold color. Who knew JueL Resistance was an artist as well as a musician?

Get some on your collar at the Astound sim.

Tornado to Oz–Art Parcel of the Day

Two figures stand silently near two smaller ones, stellar and not corporeal.  This art installation by Noke Yuitza was inspired in the Wizard of Oz for SL14B celebrations.

Float with the beauty on the Enchant sim.

TJ’s Mediamagic–Art Parcel of the Day

Let Thoth Jantzen get inside your head a little and shake it up with some media magic. Make sure all your settings are cranked to ultra as you experience the wizardry of media in SL.

Then take the blue pill….

Chill out and let it wash over you on the Captivate sim.

Illusions–Art Parcel of the Day

Solkide Auer does art the old school prim way and shows how SL can provide inspiration 14 years in. With images rotating through steel prims and surprise cam experiences, you can see many illusions.

Enjoy the eye candy on the Spectacular sim.

What is SL without Artists?–Art Parcel of the Day

The Dirty Grind IAC & Radio Grind celebrate the arts @ SL14B! Experience the impact art has on SL, meet their family of artists & take them home in this dual-reality journey, “What is SL without Artists?”

Enter this theater of artists on the Beguile sim.

The Stuff Inside His Head–Art Parcel of the Day

Who knows what lurks inside Loki’s head. We get a small idea of this tyke’s thought process when we see the stuff inside his head.

Rez a Dodgem car or two and bump around with the other stuff on the Spellbound sim.