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SL11B Enchant: 1920s Berlin Project

Enchant Jo Yardly_Collage An entire sim  and city is taken down to one parcel to show the empire Jo Yardley has made with the 1920s Berlin Project. Walk down a cozy street in Berlin—get dinner at the Automaten, enjoy the theater,  grab a drink in the Biergarten. Enjoy the spirit of a vibrant city during a special age.

SL11B Beguile: Blue Lotus Okiya

Beguile Aryanna DeCuir_Collage


Aryanna DeCuir gives us a window to the Blue Lotus Okiya portal to our world with a lovely garden where, for over 7 years, virtual geisha come together to enjoy the Japanese arts and culture.

SL11B Beguile: A Dollhouse Dream

Beguile Monavie Voight_Collage

Enter a world that is tinier than tiny, made for the smallest people or the biggest imagination in A Dollhouse Dream by Monavie Voight. The dollhouse is Monavie’s empire, a petite avatar’s living space ready for inhabitants and a picture book life.

SL11B Astound: Exhale by Eliza Wierwright

Astound Eliza Wierwight_Collage

Exhale by Eliza Wierwight is a chance to do that—exhale. Step into the exhibit and enjoy the quiet of the surroundings and marvel at the gorgeous bejeweled angel swinging in the middle and holding a small photo of a future world.  A line from Pablo Neruda starts a story about the angel.

SL11B Astound: Studio 1—Manipulating the Fantasy

Astound Naila Summerwind_Collage

Nalia Summerwind and Kris Jacob built this beautiful exhibit called Studio 1 – Manipulating the Fantasy. From the outside, it’s simply a run-of-the-mill building, but walk through the door and you find a fantasy world with  beautiful music and sets featuring photos by the creators.



SL11B Astound: UFO Abduction!

Astound Cathiee McMillan_Collage

Something suspicious abounds on SL11B Astound with Cathiee Mcnillan’s UFO Abduction. Little green men with hardhats carry on their work of procuring cows and leaving crop circles in their wake.