Exhibitor Facts and Tips

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A lot of questions come up from exhibitors and these might be some facts and tips that give you a quick idea of what you’re in for:


  • Parcel size: 1024m2
  • Land impact: 269
  • Textures must not exceed 512 X 512.
  • Sims are rated G.
  • Sims open for exhibitors on May 30 at 12:00 pm (noon) SLT
  • Claim parcel with a prim by June 2 12:00 pm (noon) SLT
  • General event policies are publicly available here and Exhibitor policies can be found here.


If you have received an email that your exhibit has been accepted, you need to join the Exhibitor’s group.

  1. You need the builder’s group to rez your prim. The group will not be open until May 30 at noon slt.
  2. To get into that group, join “The SLB Community” group. (Search for “The SLB Community” or link here.)
  3. Say in group chat, “I am an exhibitor. Can you join me to the exhibitor’s group?”
  4. When an Exhibitor Assistant can help, they will IM you and check your name against the database. If all is good, they will send you an invite to the “SLB Exhibit and Performance” group.
  5. They will then TP you to your parcel and give you a “piece of cake,” which is actually a box that contains all you will need as an exhibitor.
  6. Rez your cake, look through the things inside, read the notecards.
  7. Hints: Be nice to the Exhibitor Assistant. She/he is a volunteer and fellow resident. She/he only has the power to give you group join, do some things to your parcel, and cheer you on.  They can just pass you cake and add your media urls.


If you need to add building assistants, you can!

  1. Make sure your building assistants are ready to receive a group join.
  2. Go to group chat in the “SLB Exhibit and Performance” group and say, “I need to add building assistants, please.”
  3. An EA will IM you and ask for their names. Give them the log-in names (not display names) of your building assistants and give them a moment.
  4. You are allowed up to 3 building assistants at any one time.
  5. Make sure your building assistants are familiar with the SL11B policies available here and here.


If you need to add parcel details, this is how you do it:

Try to get as much of this information together first:

  • The name of your parcel. Keep it below 63 characters.
  • Your url if you want music. (Make sure the stream works!)
  • Your url and full perm image if you want media on prim. (Again, make sure it works!)
  • Your photo if you want a special image on your parcel description. (Ratio: 20:13)
  • A 255-character or less description if you would like to provide a parcel description.
  • Important: the location of your parcel!
  1. Go to group chat in the “SLB Exhibit and Performance” group and say, “Can someone help me fix the settings on my parcel, please.”
  2. An EA will respond. Hand them the above information (in a notecard is great). They will tp over as soon as they can and take care of it.




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