I got my parcel. Did you get yours?

This weekend I received an email that my exhibit was accepted for SL12B.  I got my parcel today. This is how I did it:

1. I logged on. (Kind of important.)

2. I joined the SL Community Celebration group. That can be found at secondlife:///app/group/9482ace8-2678-e6f2-f499-249c4816f1f0/about (Cut and paste that into general chat and click!)

3. I opened group chat and said, “Hi! I got my acceptance letter. May I have invite to the Exhibitors group?” I said YES to the group (especially now I have 60 group slots… yay!)

4. I noticed I was bald so I wore hair. (I had been messing with my hair while I was doing all this. Don’t judge.)

5. The Exhibitor Assistant (known from now on as the “EA”) TP’d me to my parcel. She kindly reminded me to rez a prim to mark the spot. (I chose the very fashionable and minimalist cube. Your decor may vary).

6. The EA sent me a piece of cake, which I rezzed. It’s pretty cute and contains a TON of info. All I had to do was rez and unpack it. Before I ask any more questions, I will be sure to read what’s in the piece of cake.

7. I reviewed the notecard about Exhibitor Policies where things like the size of the parcel are listed.

8. I panicked quietly, trying to figure out how to fill a 32 meter by 32 meter square (1024 m2) parcel with 269 prims which are under 75 meters tall.

9. I realized I have until Wednesday June 17 at noon to get my build done for inspection so….

10. I rezzed an arm chair and relaxed on my parcel, doing what comes naturally to everyone in SL–putting off building my exhibit until the last minute.