Infrastructure Build Requirements for SL14B

Infrastructure Build Requirements SL14B

Thank you for your interest in building for SL14B Community Celebration. We look forward to reviewing your creation. We need to get a sketch, pic and description or model of your intended build before you start, so we can check to see if it achieves what we need and get it signed off by our committee. Could you please provide this by the 1st of May at the latest so that we can get it checked and get the building started. The sooner we get your design, the sooner we can get it approved.

Please submit at

If you have any questions please email AND (yes both).

Please see the bottom of this document for general building guidelines for infrastructure builds.

The designs are pretty much up to you – the brief has been left as open as possible in order to allow you to create a masterpiece. Specific requirements are listed below. Please be aware that the builds will be subject to a check prior to us opening regarding copyright and adherence to the General rating, maturity rating, etc. Date is yet to be determined, but we will let you know as soon as we can.

Specific Stage Requirements

Cake Stage

This cake is the centerpiece of the 17 regions. It will sit somewhere in the middle of the estate, and will sit at the center of 4 regions.The actual performance area needs to be at the region crossing, straddling the region crossing lines. This is to allow many people access, help control lag, and also to put the performer on an opposite region from the majority of the attendees. With this in mind, the edge of the stage performance area should be approximately on one region line. It is both a huge birthday cake celebrating the birthday, and a stage for DJs and live performance. We party on and in the cake!

The cake is expected to be around 150 – 200m wide, including outlying areas. It can be over 100m high. The cake baker is responsible for the decoration of the immediate space, excluding those parts around the edge that may contain roads and some exhibits.

The cake baker will also be asked to create a small ‘slice’ of cake. This is required to be full perm and is given to each exhibitor. It contains notecards and items needed for them to build their exhibits. It’s a cake with files in it! This is required by Monday May 18.

The cake can be constructed from prims, mesh or sculpts. Mesh is preferred, but we understand it is not totally feasible.

LI Allowance – 10000 per region

Live Stage

This stage is mainly used for ‘live’ acts, soloists, singers and other acts. It is set over 2 regions. The stage needs to be suitable for solo acts as well as moderate ‘band’ sized acts.

The builder is responsible for the decoration of the entire region.

It is expected that the build will be mainly mesh, however there is no requirement to be mesh, prim or sculpt. It’s up to you!

LI Allowance – 10,000 per region


DJ Stage

This stage is mainly used for DJ and other pre-recorded acts. It is set on 1 region. The builder is responsible for the decoration of the entire region.

It is expected that the build will be mainly mesh, however there is no requirement to be mesh, prim or sculpt. It’s up to you!

LI Allowance- 10,000


Stage Left

This stage is mainly a DJ stage but might accommodate live or performance acts.
it sits on 2 regions taking up most of the space. The builder is responsible for the decoration of both regions. It should have a higher area to separate the performance area from the audience area. Focus being on the performance area. A backstage area is a unique tradition of this stage and there should be a waiting area/backstage someplace built within the stage area.

LI Allowance – 5000 per region

The auditorium takes up approximately the majority of 2 regions and crosses a region boundary. This is to allow one group to set up while another is in session without disturbing. The auditorium is used mainly for presentations, talks, workshops and classes. It may get used for performance art. It should be split into a minimum of 2 spaces (one each side of the region line), but could be more. There should be at least one area that can hold up to 70 attendees (we wouldn’t expect 70 people on a region, that would be fun…….but 70 gives us sufficient buffer).

It is expected that the build will be mainly mesh, however there is no requirement to be mesh, prim or sculpt. It’s up to you! Also, there is no actual requirement that the auditorium be an enclosed building. It may be, but does not have to be. The only requirement is that the space function as needed.

In addition, this year the auditorium will need to accommodate any larger performance acts that may apply. This means an area separate to the main auditorium of around 30m wide x 20m deep is needed. It should be flat and open for theater groups etc to be able to set up their own props. It should also be able to be viewed from the auditorium and surrounding region. It may also house other special events. This space is included in the ¼ region allocation.

LI Allowance – 2500 per region.

Welcome Area

The welcome area is probably the most used region at the event.

This year the welcome area takes up 1 full region. People will rez on a flat higher area and they should be naturally be progressed to egress toward the event through the welcome area via a design that faces and directs people into the main estate is preferred.

The specific design requirement or function for the welcome area is the landing area for new and existing residents to arrive to the event.  As a guide, it is expected that it will be wide open to accommodate many people and be very low lag. The design will need to house info areas, greeters and host areas. The region will have 57600 sqm available for the Welcome Area build, and the remaining 7936 sqm will be set aside for roads or walkways for the tour pods. The roadway area will be handled by the SL14B Infrastructure Team.

The welcome area should have some relevance to the theme (see below).

It is expected that the build will be mainly mesh, however there is no requirement to be mesh, prim or sculpt. It’s up to you!

LI Allowance – 10000

Invited Art Exhibits
The Invited Art Exhibits are spread throughout the estate. This year we have 12 plots available.
Each plot is 4096 sqm and measures 64×64. Art parcels can be constructed from prims, mesh or sculpts. Mesh is preferred.  The Invited Art Exhibits should not go outside their assigned border or extend beyond 100m high.  They cannot cause negative impact to the sim with lag or too much motion.
Please submit a sketch or picture and description of your Invited Art submission.

LI Allowance – 1000


This Years Theme


General Infrastructure Building guidelines

Infrastructure includes roads, stages, public areas, infill plots and any other building work controlled by the organizers or appointed representatives.

Prims used in landscaping or decoration should be set to phantom wherever possible. This includes grass, shrubbery, trees, flowers, or anything that is not attached to your main build.  

Please use transparent barriers over any open walkways to keep visitors from falling off, and around performer areas to keep visitors from crowding or bumping into a performer while they are on stage.

Please do not use older third-party megaprims, such as those from Gene Replacement and others. You may, of course, use your own prims and models that can range up to 64x64x64.

Builds that use physical should be avoided.

Prims that move inside the stage area or prims that avatars walk through should be avoided as these can be difficult to navigate through, especially in laggy areas.

Sculpted prims may be used however they should be kept to a minimum. A fully sculpted build takes too long to rez. The odd sculpted prims inside a build or reused throughout a build is fine.

Mesh should be made as efficient as time allows.

The maximum texture size allowed on prims and sculpts is 512 x 512. 1024 x 1024 is allowed on mesh, portraits, and displayed photography.  Please try to make efficient use of mesh textures.

Please keep the total amount of separate textures used as low as possible. Use texture repeats and colouring to achieve more variety.

All textures will be required to be supplied on cubes to be buried at the Welcome Area and on the region of your build. This assists pre-loading of textures.

Script use should be kept to a minimum. Scripts that use llListen should not be used at all. These areas will be heavily used and even a small script will add to the lag.  

Scripted Experiences:  The Welcome Area and Performance Stages are allowed 8 keys per region.  These should be scripted for the region level.  Art parcels are allowed 8 keys and should be scripted for the parcel level.

Glow and particles should be used sparingly. Too much of either interferes with the visual experience.  

Content – Please provide as much original content as you can. The main build should be created by you or a build partner.  Please keep content purchased from a third party to a minimum.

Please try to convey your build in accordance to this year’s theme.  Also, please make sure everything meets the General Maturity Rating.  Gifts are encouraged.  It’s not a birthday without presents! Any gifts or prizes given out during the celebration must be free. Please don’t sell the same items in your stores or Marketplace during the event.  Selling items after the event is fine, or you can chose to provide limited edition items only available during the event.  If you chose to sell or otherwise distribute those items or your build, we ask that you remove any SL14B logos or branding from the items.

Intellectual Property – Please note that some inworld content, including items acquired via the Second Life Marketplace, may be in violation of intellectual property laws, and we may ask you to remove it.

Blogging and Image Posting – We pride ourselves on our Infrastructure Builds and like to keep them a surprise.  We ask that you do not publish any content on the web, inworld, or on social media for SL14B until our public opening or without prior permission from the SL14B team.  We have a staff photographer who will be publishing “sneak peek” images on our blog prior to opening. They will take great care to not reveal too much.  

Build Height – Negotiable

Build Dates – Please be done with your build and have it ready for Inspection by June 14th.

If these guidelines are not followed you may be required to alter your build accordingly.  The organizers are trying to produce an event with as little lag as possible and your co-operation is appreciated. Any questions or problems please speak to Diana Renoir.