SL11B on Friday, June 27

Here are the events for Friday, June 27, at SL11B! Click the stage name in the header to get the SLurl to your event.

Live Stage Cake Stage DJ Stage Auditorium
12:00 AM
Kristy Belar
2:00 AM
4:00 AM
DjCal Resident
6:00 AM
Aragain Easterwood
8:00 AM
Hiroshi Kumaki
Zack221 Friller
9:00 AM
LUXE Paris Fashion Show (Mika Palmyra)
10:00 AM
mastersam Tigerfish
Kitsune Shan with aiko Torii
suln mahogany
11:00 AM
Jahman Ochs
Exquisite Xpressionz Play (Wisdom Price)
12:00 PM
Ed Barber
Jahman Ochs
Arcangelo Hellmann
Autonomy and Immortality, How to achieve both.(Mickey DeSantis)
1:00 PM
Evan Truman
Jen Waddington
Feed Your Mind, Build the Future Builders Brewery (Sensuous Maximus)
2:00 PM
MarkSeery Melodie
Designer Talks
3:00 PM
Brett Hansome
Mavenn Resident
The KNAVE and other CRAZIES (theRose Resident)
4:00 PM
Linda Zenoria
DJPiper Steampunk
Art Talk: Here how University of Western Australia is supporting art across the world
5:00 PM
Celia Cruz
Community Talks
6:00 PM
Lazarus Doghouse
BubbaC John
Irish Breen
How to DJ in SL(Lias Leandros)
7:00 PM
Rock Doghouse
Coltrane Shostakovich
Greek Step Show (lynngiles65)
8:00 PM
Markie Jigsaw
RoseDrop Rust
Shibari Metall
9:00 PM
Farrokh Vavoom
10:00 PM
Marqs DeSade
JJ Choovio