SL11B on Monday, June 23

Here are the events for Monday, June 23, at SL11B! Click the stage name in the header to get the SLurl to your event.

Live Stage Cake Stage DJ Stage Auditorium
12:00 AM
Nhaomi Morrisey
2:00 AM
linda Foodiboo
4:00 AM
Lilydiane Resident
6:00 AM
Spud Habana
7:00 AM
queen8bee Resident
8:00 AM
ImaInnocent Jewell
9:00 AM
Jpeabody Resident
10:00 AM
Starrfish Ohmai
Ukyo Ashdene
11:00 AM
Echo Starship
Derrick Emerald
12:00 PM
Suzan Littlething
iozi Wasp
Virtual Modeling (Suki Rexen)
1:00 PM
Barb Denver
2:00 PM
Josie Anderton
Toxic Darkmatter
Dichromus Miles
Designer Talks: Mesh Creative
3:00 PM
Performance Of: The Rebels Crew (TylerFlowers Resident)
4:00 PM
Clay Harsley
Carla Eisenhart
Samantha Poindexter
Art Talk: byrnedarkly.cazalet/Canada of Tart Gallery, her own art style & events for people to create their own art with photographs in SL
5:00 PM
Surreel Skizm
Joaquin Gustav
Community Talks
6:00 PM
Fedora Jones
JC Farstrider
Jadelyn McAuley
Autonomy and Immortality, How to achieve both.(Mickey DeSantis)
7:00 PM
Professor Showbiz
Poetry, prose and spoken word (LadySen Laval)
8:00 PM
Lillie Woodells
christope magic
Tigers Dance Team (sndubois Resident)
9:00 PM
10:00 PM
Nemoen Magne

Performances are subject to change. Consult the real-time Google calendar on our Performances page for up-to-date information.