SL11B on Saturday, June 28

Here are the events for Saturday, June 28, at SL11B! Click the stage name in the header to get the SLurl to your event.

Live Stage Cake Stage DJ Stage Auditorium
12:00 AM
lpcforensic resident
2:00 AM
alessandro maculate
4:00 AM
scarlett grantham
6:00 AM
Tommie Scorpio
Timothy Scarborough
7:00 AM
Joubert Byers
8:00 AM
Soundsmith Kamachi
dizziedot resident
9:00 AM
Phemie Alcott
Debi Latte
Designer Talks: Froukje Hoorenbeeke and Colleen Desmoulins
10:00 AM
Spiral Sands
nicholle inglewood
Geisha Dance troupe (Chiyo Zsun)
11:00 AM
Trinity Ermintrood
Silver Melson
12:00 PM
Kat Rose & Denny Mac
Dilah Halostar
1:00 PM
Moon Spark
Soulman Sands
Empire of Poetry(RoseDrop rust)
2:00 PM
Soulman Sands
calrek Nansen
Designer Talks
3:00 PM
Coffee Jaworower
Sangreal Arnica
Remaking the Second Life New User Experience (Carl Metropolitan)
4:00 PM
Erin68 Frog & Satin Galli
Starchild Sinclair
Pajobra Zessinthal
Art Talk: Van Caerndow/U.S. talks about how is rl at has carried over into sales in sl and vice versa
5:00 PM
Terrytoon & Blonde
Starchild Sinclair
Community Talks
6:00 PM
Jaycatt Nico & Frog
Dylan Chantelle
Thalie Basevi
TREMPE Fashion Show
7:00 PM
iCandy Overland
8:00 PM
Doc Warziders
Ichie Kamachi
Michael Cela
White Mountain Apache Show (Lillith Siamendes)
9:00 PM
Rulie Cisse
Stella Eros
10:00 PM
OhMy Kidd
Fantasy2u Deere
11:00 PM
Krell Karu