SL13B Daily Schedule for Sunday, June 26, 2016

It’s Sunday. Put your feet up, listen to some great music  and dazzle your eyes at SL13B. At 8 am, Yman Juman and her Virtual Circus will be performing at the Auditorium. Set your graphics to low and dig the particle show.  Gleanr Ellsmere will be at the DJ Stage with his live mix of EDM club, vocal house, and electro as well as ignite the stage with his incredible fireworks and pyrotechnics. Byach Littlething closes the night with a magical fireworks show at the Cake Stage.

Click here to get there:
Cake Stage (blue)
Live Stage (pink)
Auditorium (orange)
DJ Stage (green)
Stage Left (purple)

All times SLT.

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