SL15B Daily Schedule for Sunday, June 24

It’s the last day of live performances at the SLCC. Turn your graphics up high and burn your retinas at the performance of the Changhigh Sisters Fireshow at the Auditorium at 11 am.  The Triple Threat of DJ Daniel, DJ Preston, and Dj Zach Ryan will be performing beginning at noon SLT at DJ Stage North. They are live mixing DJ’s  with a combined 15 years of experience.   And party until they shut us down for the closing party at the DJ Stage North with DJ ladjgirl at 10 pm.

Make some beautiful music today during the final day of the SL15B Music Fest, sponsored by Linden Lab, going from 4 pm to 8 pm on Stage Left “the Serpent” .

Click to get there:
DJ Stage North (green)
DJ Stage South “The Cake” (aqua)
Auditorium (orange)
Stage Left “the Serpent” (purple)
Main Stage “Crystal Rotunda” (pink)