SL15B Daily Schedule for Wednesday, June 20

It’s a big day at the celebration! Start the morning out with some great jazz from DJ Riff Gaffer at 4 am on DJ Stage North.  Then Ebbe Altberg, the man who put the alt in SL, will be appearing to talk about the future of SL and how he sorts his inventory in the Auditorium at 2 pm.  At 7 pm, twirl with your prettiest frock and show off your best formal crystal look with DJ Ruby Darkes at the Birthday Ballroom otherwise known as the Main Stage “Crystal Rotunda”.

Click to get there:
DJ Stage North (green)
DJ Stage South “The Cake” (aqua)
Auditorium (orange)
Stage Left “the Serpent” (purple)
Main Stage “Crystal Rotunda” (pink)