SL15B Art Parcels

Second Life History Walk curated by Marianne McCann
Reflections by Boudicca Amat
The Enigma of Time by Vita Theas
Moments of Immertia by Thoth Jantzen
House of Intuition by Pipilotti Winslet
Quadrapus by Mantis Oh
The Blue-Green Crystal by Lampithaler
Untitled by Wizard Gynoid
“The Aurora Project” * by Lorin Tone and Elicio Ember
Realm of the Ice Queen * by Torgon Woodget
Anemone Wing Walking by Flora Fraina
Visions of Aetherea * by Alia Baroque
The Crystal flower by silas merlin
Suzen JueL by JueL Resistance
Sixth extinction by Melodie and Harald Heart by Harald Nykvis and Mariemadeleine38