SL15B Spellbound

leviMADe – Crystal Gazer by levi Ewing
Forest of Eye-Blinks Group, Nirvana Island by Sky Wildmist
Third Moon Creations by GiaBlossom Resident
SL Project Hope by Arwen Mannonen
It’s a Nice Day for a Crystal Wedding by Special O’Cassions by Diamond Meness
deconstructed [Birthday] cake by serra Qendra
The Ethereal Rose by Ravenal Ashby
ENT Media Group by shane foresight
Through The Window by Susy Nayar
MSF Doctors Without Borders in SL by Ever Courtois
The Glass Garden by Kerryth Tarantal
Richmond Survival Camp by mckenzieky resident
Reflections of Virtual Ability by Eme Capalini
Cibola – Univ. of Arizona Spanish & Portuguese Learning Center by Gaudi Bohemian
DRUM – Divine Rhythms of Universal Music by Dream Wrexan
Virtual Artwork – VAW @ SL15B by Renegade Gray
Women in History and the Future-by Oracle of Women’s Knowledge by Shayna Paine
Crystal and glimmer Photo exhibition by Roy Mildor
Upside Down by Tintin Tuxing
Crystal Garden by Eagle Himmel
Ancient Waters by alexazetta resident
The National Space Society presents: ‘Crystals in Space’ by Synthetic Jewell
Lymor Music & Art Company – Museum Island by morris meriman
Untitled by Ina Pidgeon
The eye of a little god by BellissimaMorena Resident
Cascade by Miltone Marquette
Leeward Cruising Club Presents the Parker Solar Probe by Diamond Marchant
Crystal Spheres & Crystal Spaces: Kepler’s view of the Cosmos by Shanna Starship
Crystal Spaceships by Ataro Asbrink
** The XeoRealms ** 15 Years of Second Life For Everyone by Xelm Snowpaw
Crystalization – Past Present & Future by Sheba Blitz
Visions of Aetherea * by Alia Baroque