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SL13B Sim of the Day: Spellbound

Every year at the SLB, animals pop up on the sims but none are more loved than the KittyCatS. Get your free SL13B KittyCat, complete with cowboy hat, and adventure with these darling felines at feline adventure by Callie Cline.

Rocket into space with the cats.


SL11B Selfies from Tuesday

Here are some of our favorites from yesterday:

Callie Cline sneaks up on Doc while he rides the pods

Find out about the Pods at SL11B


Harlequin Rhode catches a movie at the Homeless exhibit.

Find Homeless by Harper Beresford and Tutsy Navarathna


shown by https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/
Samadhi Quandry rides a Segway outside of Heartseed “Pure”

Find Heartseed “Pure” by Jedda Zenovka


Willow Llewellyn dances at Cake Stage in her selfie.

Dance at Cake Stage at SL11B.