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Thank you SL13B Community

We would like to thank those who helped us; staff, creators, contributors, exhibitors, performers and volunteers .

There are so many kind and generous people who assist us in throwing the biggest community based party of the year.

If you enjoyed this year’s event and want to be a part next year, keep an eye on this blog and stay in the SLB Community Group for notification of next year’s festivities.

It is always my pleasure to work with all of you.

Cya next time

~ Doc

Thank you SL11B Community

We would like to thank everyone who  exhibited,  performed,
visited or volunteered for this year’s SLB Community Celebration.
This year we provided a smaller,  more intimate event.
We hoped that 11 sims for 11 years was not only symbolic
but provided an opportunity for us to slim down the size aspect and amp up the quality.

We  would like to thank the SL Community for supporting this
event every year.  Without you whether it be in the form of
volunteers, entertainment, art or visitors;  our birthday event would not be as collectively successful as it has been this year.

Every year we use this space to connect with you as you get ready
to go back to your regularly scheduled SL.  We remind you to mark your calendars for next April.  This is when we start the process
of preparing a city that rises from nothing,  a schedule of great
entertainment,  an army of volunteers and an array of exhibits
built by you.

If you enjoyed the event and want to be a part next year, please join our new group SLB Community Celebration
(appears in the profiles of Doc Gascoigne or Diana Renoir)
or SLB Community Group
for notification of next year’s festivities.

It was and always has been an honor and my pleasure to once again work with all of you.

Cya next time,

Doc’s Challenge: Give Us Your Selfies

doc selfie 3
Diana Renoir, Marianne McCann and Doctor Gascoigne by Doc

I am posting this blog entry to issue a challenge to all of you. While our Flickr group is filling up quickly with great photos, I am a little disappointed to see the photos missing the most important thing—YOU. SL11B is a celebration by the residents, FOR the residents.

So this is my challenge: show us yourself at SL11B. Post your selfies to our Flickr group, to our Facebook page, and share them with Linden Lab for their 10,000L SL11B prize. Our webperson will chose the best ones to post to this blog (as if she isn’t busy enough). Make sure you title them with “SL11B Selfie” and make sure your name is on them so we can credit you.

doc selfie 2
SL11B Selfie by Doc

Let’s celebrate together and let us see YOU doing it!

Present in the Auditorium!

Share your passion and knowledge with residents as a presenter through a lecture or discussion. Have a skill you want to teach? Lead a class at the Auditorium.

Are you a poet, dancer, performance artist, spoken-word artist,
educator, community group or have an interesting topic you want to share with the community?
We’re looking for your energetic participation at our Auditorium.

Our Auditorium venue is a conference center, classroom, small live performance venue or lecture hall. If you can imagine it we can try and accommodate it.

Apply to present at the Auditorium. Applications close May 20.

Any questions please IM Doctor Gascoigne.