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We Need Machinamist(s)!

Are you a machimist who excels in documenting and revealing the beauty of SL and want to grab a bigger audience while contributing to the Celebration of the SL13B? We are looking for one or more machinimists to add beauty to our celebration with a series of short machinima announcing the SL13B Community Celebration in May and into June and documenting the builds and the celebrations before they end, becoming the Official SL13B Machinimist.

Here’s a past video, done by pallina60 Loon, that provides a great example:

If you are interested, fill out our SL13B Machinimist Application.

We NEED You!

SL12B is looking for an experienced machinimist to create several short humorous videos introducing residents to SL12B before and during the event, encompassing the spirit of celebration and documenting the event. If you join us, your video will be viewed by thousands of residents.

If you think you fit the bill, drop a notecard on Doctor Gascoigne with links to your previous work.

We also need you to keep submitting your applications for Exhibitors,  Performance, Auditorium and Volunteers. Remember, SL12B is a non-commercial event.  It’s a celebration by the residents for the residents!