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SL11B Selfies from Tuesday

Here are some of our favorites from yesterday:

Callie Cline sneaks up on Doc while he rides the pods

Find out about the Pods at SL11B


Harlequin Rhode catches a movie at the Homeless exhibit.

Find Homeless by Harper Beresford and Tutsy Navarathna


shown by https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/
Samadhi Quandry rides a Segway outside of Heartseed “Pure”

Find Heartseed “Pure” by Jedda Zenovka


Willow Llewellyn dances at Cake Stage in her selfie.

Dance at Cake Stage at SL11B.

Doc’s Challenge: Give Us Your Selfies

doc selfie 3
Diana Renoir, Marianne McCann and Doctor Gascoigne by Doc

I am posting this blog entry to issue a challenge to all of you. While our Flickr group is filling up quickly with great photos, I am a little disappointed to see the photos missing the most important thing—YOU. SL11B is a celebration by the residents, FOR the residents.

So this is my challenge: show us yourself at SL11B. Post your selfies to our Flickr group, to our Facebook page, and share them with Linden Lab for their 10,000L SL11B prize. Our webperson will chose the best ones to post to this blog (as if she isn’t busy enough). Make sure you title them with “SL11B Selfie” and make sure your name is on them so we can credit you.

doc selfie 2
SL11B Selfie by Doc

Let’s celebrate together and let us see YOU doing it!