To Potential Exhibitors

We have been thrilled with the Exhibitor applications we have received. We have more than half the plots filled. However, we want to address one issue.

We want to point out again that commercial sounding applications (in the submission description) won’t be accepted. It’s clearly stated in our rules, which we ask you to read and agree to, that exhibits with commercial themes won’t be accepted. To clarify, this means if  you’re trying to advertise,  sell a product,   promote a brand,  promote your store;  your exhibit proposal probably won’t fit under our event guidelines.  As we process applications we sort out the ones that look and feel like  promotional or sales related in context.

The Community Celebration is purposefully a non-commercial event. It is intended to showcase your best ideas, your creativity, your craftsmanship using resident created content. We want to showcase what our extremely talented community has to offer. In itself The Community Celebration is probably one of the few events in SL that is non commercial, and sometimes it’s hard for residents to understand this approach. Certainly it’s a fine line between commercialism and exhibitionism. However, we have to draw a line. If you have already applied and think maybe you crossed this line and would like to reapply, please do so. Please note that you’re re-applying. Applications will be closed May 20.

If you’re a graphic artist who runs a business, think of bringing in the art you haven’t shown. If you’re a builder, think of doing up the kind of exhibit that indulges your creative dreams. If you’re a photographer, tell a story with your photos rather than showing off your photos. This is a “once a year” party, and your submission should feel like it belongs at a celebration. Show everyone how the empire of the future is the empire of the mind.

Celebrate with your creativity this amazing space offers us. See you at the Celebration!