Bear With Us

One of the great traditions at Linden Lab is the Linden Bear, a personal bear every Linden employee makes to pass out to residents. For years, residents have collected Linden Bears for their own personal collection to display or treasure (or sleep with–what do we know).

The Linden Bears are back at the SL Birthday for a limited engagement on Bear Island. Catch them before they land back in the Lindens’ inventories!

SL15B Daily Schedule for Sunday, June 17

It’s opening day at SL15B. Come enjoy the Crystal Anniversary with your fellow residents and get an earful and eyeful of the party!

Highlights include The Hawks Aerobatic Team opening the Auditorium at noon. (See them in action here before you see them live.) Catch ・Toxie ・ (toxic.darkmatter) at 4 pm to hear her gorgeous voice at the Main Stage “Crystal Rotunda”. Then catch some country hits from DJ Titus Starship at 8 pm on the DJ Stage North.

Click to get there:
DJ Stage North (green)
DJ Stage South “The Cake” (aqua)
Auditorium (orange)
Stage Left “the Serpent” (purple)
Main Stage “Crystal Rotunda” (pink)

Crystal Anniversary

Crystals are popping through the terrain all over the SL15 Celebration sims. Exhibitors are busy building, performers are setting their play lists, greeters are flexing their typing fingers, and we’re all getting ready for a BIG celebration.

Don’t forget to join our Flickr group and follow this blog for announcements and the upcoming performance and events schedule!

Sign up for the Auditorium!

I bet you wonder what the Auditorium is about. It’s the venue in which we feature live events that are not music. So if you have a play, dancing, a talk, an educational presentation, a poetry reading, an interview.. this is where you can do it.

We are still looking for folks to fill that schedule. C’mon click. You know you have something to share:

Auditorium Application for SL15B

Exhibitors, start your engines…

Attention all Exhibitors, the time has come for you to cover the SL Birthday sims with crystals and celebration and happiness.

By now you should have received notification that you have a parcel. Make sure you join the SL Community Celebration group to grab a coordinator, get your invite to the group, and get shown to your parcel with your own piece of cake.

Leave notices on in the builder’s group. All news relevant to you will come through those channels.

Let’s start the party!