Join the Crystal Celebration

Applications are still open for Volunteers for Stage Managers and Greeters! Enjoy the music while helping your fellow SL Residents at the party. Apply here to join the fun!

We also have spots in the Auditorium Schedule so tell us about your presentation here.

We’re Live! Apply now!

As Second Life begins to celebrate its 15th birthday, our “crystal” theme aims to inspire residents to reflect both on the past and see into the future. The community is encouraged to use the crystal aesthetic and concept to creatively express their favorite SL features of the past while also looking forward into the future. The “crystal” theme allows for exploration of the tapestry of time that weaves together the past, present and future of Second Life.

Grab inspiration from our Inspiration Board.

Applications are open now for Exhibitors, DJs, Live performers, Auditorium and Volunteers! Sign up to participate and celebrate the best birthday ever for our 15th!

​Thank you SL14B Community!

Our Staff would like to thank everyone who attended, contributed, exhibited and volunteered. All of our DJs and Performers. It took a multitude of volunteers to bring this year’s birthday celebration together. We had a great time.

If you enjoyed this year’s event and want to be a part next year, keep an eye on this blog and stay in the SLB Community Group for notification of next year’s “giant birthday party on the grid.”

It is always my pleasure to work with all of you.

Cya Next time….


The Final Countdown

Where will you be on July 2 at 4 pm SLT. We hope you’ll be at the Cake Stage to enjoy the annual cake blow up. At that time, Mikati Slade sets all the prims to phantom and “blows up” the cake.

Join us for the big event!

SL14B Fascinate Cake Stage
SL14B Captivate Cake Stage
SL14b Stunning Cake Stage
SL14B Pizzazz Cake Stage

In Memory of Ladyslipper Constantine–Art Parcels of the Day

Since 2008, Ladyslipper Constantine volunteered her time, talent and energy to the Second Life Birthday Community Celebration. She passed away shortly after SL13B. The SLBCC Team curated this garden as a tribute to the good times we shared with her, built by Darkstone Aeon.

Leave a message for Ladyslipper on the Enchant sim.

In honor of all of Ladyslipper’s volunteer work in SL, Daark Gothly and Dream wrexan present another garden.

Enjoy the peace of nature on the Astound sim.

The Hunt is Still On!

Performances are over but the sims are still up so the SL14Big Hunt is still on.

Find out about participants and rules at the SL14Big Hunt page and grab yourself some goodies before the carnivale ends!

Big thanks to MargeKinson for organizing this year’s hunt and to Anthonys Republic for the great hunt prim!

Mary’s Lipstick–Art Parcel of the Day

Mary’s Lipstick gets on everything and everyone. The mind is an abstract doorway into quirky illustration and bold color. Who knew JueL Resistance was an artist as well as a musician?

Get some on your collar at the Astound sim.

Tornado to Oz–Art Parcel of the Day

Two figures stand silently near two smaller ones, stellar and not corporeal.  This art installation by Noke Yuitza was inspired in the Wizard of Oz for SL14B celebrations.

Float with the beauty on the Enchant sim.

Crystal Anniversary!