Applications are Closed

We have closed applications for this year’s SL14B except Auditorium.  If you have a learning or performance idea that would suit the Auditorium, sign up here!

We’ll be contacting folks per the following schedule:

May 24-26: Exhibitors notified via email

June 10: All performers notified via email

June 16: Press notified via IM in world with group invite.

We look forward to seeing you at SL14B!

Applications are OPEN for SL14B

Do you want to build a gorgeous parcel full of fun? Give a view of your prodigious talents to the wider SL community? Teach the masses about your favorite topic? Or just assist in all the mayhem?

Applications for SL14B are OPEN!

Click through to the applications:

Exhibitor Application

Performance Application

Volunteer Application

Auditorium Application

Press Access Application


Make sure you READ the policies for SL14B before you sign up 🙂

General Event Policies

Exhibitor Policies

Performer Policies

Volunteer Code of Conduct


Keep your eyes on this blog (and fill out the subscriber to the right with your email address to get all the updates). We’ll be looking for more folks to fill out the roster in the coming days. But in the meantime, APPLY!

SL14B Theme is Announced

The SL 14B Theme has been announced and logos are soon to be posted to the website for all to access.:

Our theme for SL14B is “Carnivalesque!”

If this is a birthday, then we’re going to have a festival worthy of Second Life®! Strike up the band, toss on your glad rags, and join us at the SL®14B Community Celebration as we hit the carnivale.

While much of the interest around virtual reality has shifted to singular experiences, largely fueled by the pursuit of headset-focused content, we want to remind you of the joy of hundreds of people from all over coming together in one place in celebration, and form a carnivale-like atmosphere that you simply cannot achieve alone. Let’s challenge all the perceptions, break all the molds, and show everyone that we know how to celebrate.

This is your chance to be part of the biggest fete Second Life can offer — the 14th birthday of the Second Life grid — and be part of the carnivale atmosphere. This will be a time for mirth and merriment, and a time to both entertain, and be entertained. Come to the SL®14B Community Celebration and show us all a great time!

Thank you SL13B Community

We would like to thank those who helped us; staff, creators, contributors, exhibitors, performers and volunteers .

There are so many kind and generous people who assist us in throwing the biggest community based party of the year.

If you enjoyed this year’s event and want to be a part next year, keep an eye on this blog and stay in the SLB Community Group for notification of next year’s festivities.

It is always my pleasure to work with all of you.

Cya next time

~ Doc

It’s not over!

If you missed any of the great exhibits or just want something fun to do in the next week, the sims for SL13B are still open! There are still a LOT of things to do:

Take a tour on the pods:
SL13B YavaScript Pod Exhibit

Check out the stages if you were too busy dancing to explore:
SL13B Astound Auditorium
SL13B Pizzazz Cake Stage
SL13B Dazzle Live Stage
SL13B Astonish Linden Tree DJ Stage
SL13B Stupendous Stage Left

Grab some fabulous gifts from participating creators:
SL13B Electrify Gift Area
SL13B Spectacular Gift Area

Enjoy the SL13Big Hunt!

Hit up the Linden Prize Givers:
SL13B Electrify Linden Gift Area
SL13B Stupendous Linden Gift Area
SL13B Mesmerize Linden Gift Area
SL13B Stunning Linden Gift Area
SL13B Captivate Linden Gift Area
SL13B Dazzle Linden Gift Area
SL13B Incredible Linden Gift Area
SL13B Fascinate Linden Gift Area
SL13B Pizzazz Linden Gift Area
SL13B Spellbound Linden Gift Area
SL13B Astonish Linden Gift Area
SL13B Beguile Linden Gift Area
SL13B Wonderous Linden Gift Area
SL13B Impressive Linden Gift Area





SL13B Daily Schedule for Sunday, June 26, 2016

It’s Sunday. Put your feet up, listen to some great music  and dazzle your eyes at SL13B. At 8 am, Yman Juman and her Virtual Circus will be performing at the Auditorium. Set your graphics to low and dig the particle show.  Gleanr Ellsmere will be at the DJ Stage with his live mix of EDM club, vocal house, and electro as well as ignite the stage with his incredible fireworks and pyrotechnics. Byach Littlething closes the night with a magical fireworks show at the Cake Stage.

Click here to get there:
Cake Stage (blue)
Live Stage (pink)
Auditorium (orange)
DJ Stage (green)
Stage Left (purple)

All times SLT.

SL13B Sim of the Day: Wonderous

Mikka Luik shares Adventures with Daredevils in SL, a collage of thrilling adventures, containing a dragster car starting line, mountain climbing, windsurfing and parachuting. These are adventures that can be shared in our virtual world without feeling any fear.

Race to the finish line here.

Mikka Luik